Let's taco 'bout it...

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It's hard to believe that I've been kickin' around the Seattle area for 20 years!  Even though I grew up on the east side of the state, I consider Seattle my home.  I love this city and everything it has to offer.  If you're a creative person like me, this city has tons of opportunities—whatever outlet you, fine art, theatre, music—and even the culinary arts... like tacos!

The best things about my career have happened in this city—from the dot com boom (and crash) to working on projects during the infancy of social media, to reinventing my career as mobile tech exploded all around us, there has never been a shortage of opportunities or the chance to grow in my craft.

I now find myself in the position of a leader, mentor, and builder—which has seemed to be a natural progression in my career.  Am I done learning and growing?  No way!  But now I get to take all this 'stuff' I've learned over the last 20+ years of my career and share it with a new generation of artists and designers in an effort to help them have the kind of experience I have.

I live in the 'burbs of Seattle with my lovely wife Jennifer, my amazingly talented son Carter and 3 crazy dogs.  I love connecting with people so if you'd like to talk to me about a new opportunity, or just simply get together to eat tacos and talk shop—I'd love that'd be surprised at how many friends you can make over tacos... or coffee : )